Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bastille Day

our berets and mustaches
outside of the marquee
inside the marquee

In Franschhoek this weekend there was a Bastille Festival where visitors and locals came into town to drink wine, eat fabulous food and wear berets. There was a huge food and wine marquee (tent) that was full of some of South Africa’s best wines. Upon entering we received our wine glass for the day as well as 5 drink coupons good for sampling wine. Some of the countries best chefs were in making delicious gourmet food. Outside of the tent there were various sporting events such as boule, which is similar to baci ball, and a barrel rolling competition. There certainly was a lot of wine to be drunk, and we had no problem drinking it. The marquee closed around 5 p.m and our host’s son threw a braai, which is another name for a barbeque. Half of the tent from Bastille Day was at their house and it was very fun. South African’s are big into meat and the boys were cooking up ostrich boerewors, and biltong that are similar to the sausages we have in the states. Once we finished the braai everyone headed out to a pub called Elephant and Barrel and we continued to meet cool, interesting people from all over the world…most of whom we invited to meet us down in Cape Town when we go next weekend. Very fun.

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