Monday, July 23, 2012

#24 Ignite the Night

Pier 81 NYC

Where on earth does time go? It seems as if I made my summer to do list just yesterday and it’s already July 23rd?! If only I could be carefree, rich and not have to work all summer long…

…I know, I know, enough dreamin’…back to reality.

To back track a little bit, we probably can all agree that my list is a little lengthy at best, and though I’ve been out and about, I honestly haven’t tackled too much of the now semi infamous summer to-do list. That being said, I was able to score tickets to the July Fourth Freedom Fest 2012 at Pier 81. This pier party on the Hudson River was located at West 42nd Street and West Side Highway and gave me the awesome opportunity to view the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular up close and personal.

Macy’s dubbed the theme of the evening “Ignite the Night” and it’s name without a doubt proved to be true. Over 40,000 fireworks erupted off of four barges for about a half hour of giant booms and bangs. I’ve never once stayed in the city for the 4th, typically spending the day at the beach or a BBQ, but given the midweek celebration this year and my lack of time off from work, staying in the city made the most sense. I’m really happy I did too because seeing something I’m used to watching only from a television screen has it’s perks. Although the beautiful fireworks covered approximately two miles of sky, I have to bashfully admit that I thought it would seem more grandiose than it actually was. Don’t get me wrong, who had it better than me with my up close and personal view and all, but the view definitely seems a lot larger on television. Nevertheless it was a fabulous New York City experience that one doesn’t get to do every day, and I highly recommend seeing these fireworks in person one year if you can. 

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