Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where in the World?...

View from Belvedere Castle, Central Park

Freedom Tower

Central Park Conservatory Garden

One of the many perks of teaching is the fact that we don’t actually have to do any teaching during the summer. As many teachers do, I had a countdown to summer in my classroom this year, excited to embark on a new adventure.

Though I have been so lucky to have two amazing opportunities the past two summers, this summer (sadly) I am not traveling to a far off destination to teach. In fact I’m not actually traveling anywhere to teach. So how does one continue to keep their annual Tales of the Traveling Teacher summer blog afloat if they’re not traveling? I’ve pondered this question for some time now and have concluded that being the writer at heart that I am, I can make this work.

So today I bring you the Tales of the Traveling Teacher 3.0 NYC Summer Edition. This summer, I am teaching at a summer camp in Queens and plan on exploring more of what this abundant city has to offer. Even though I have lived in NYC for almost three years, there are still SO MANY places I have yet to “travel” to. I have compiled a list of places I want to go, and things I want to do within the 5 boroughs (and some parts of Long Island too). 

I give you my Tales of the Traveling Teacher Summer 2012 “To-Do” List:
(In no particular order)

1. See an outdoor movie in Bryant Park
2. Have a picnic in Sheep’s Meadow Central Park
3. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
4. Attend a free concert in central park
5. Eat outside as much as possible
6. Go to the Luna Park at Coney Island
7. Make it to the top of the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Plaza
8. Enjoy a “rocket fuel” on Fire Island
9. Surf Shack in West Hampton
10. Sunday Funday at the Boardy Barn
11. Wednesday night free concert in Madison Square Park
12. See what all the hype about Shake Shack is about
13. Go to Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Bowl
14. Free concert in Prospect Park or Williamsburg Park
15. Visit the World Trade Center Memorial
16. Take a boat to the Statue of liberty
17. Take a sailing lesson in Battery Park
18. Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club- South Street Seaport
19. Go to MOMA for Warhol and The MET for Monet
20. Shakespeare in the park- Delacorte Theatre
21. Stargazing on the High Line
22. Bronx Zoo
23. See the Bronx Bombers at a Yankee Game

As ambitious as this list may be, I hope to accomplish most of it within the next two months. If you have any other suggestions, let me know and I’ll add them to the always-growing list. And if you were interested in completing some of these tasks with me…well that would be fun too. I’m sure I’ll be discovering a lot more of this amazing city and a little bit more about myself in the process too.

Here we go…

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